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Bridal Outfits --- About Us
What benefits do you offer that I do not get at a regular store?


First, all of our clothing is custom-made for our customers.
Second, we keep our prices lower than the average retail prices by running an efficient online operation. We do not have the huge overhead costs associated with running a shop or a boutique.
Third, we also keep our prices low by negotiating deals directly with suppliers.
Fourth, we have a much wider selection than any retail location could ever carry.
Fifth, we can keep up with emerging fashions much more quickly than retail stores can.
Sixth, we have a staff of expert designers ready to help with any special occasion or needs.
Seventh, you can shop with us at any time you like, from anywhere in the world!
What do your existing customers have to say about your service?


Please see our many Testimonials!
Can you tell me more about Priyanka's?


Priyanka’s is a successful concept in internationally available Indian clothing and accessories. We have many thousands of satisfied customers worldwide. We have been able to earn a significant share of this growing market because of our sound business plan:

-  We believe that customer service is our most important task.
-  We deal only in quality materials and designs.
-  We provide expert fitting, workmanship, and advice.
-  We get the latest fashions to market ahead of everyone else.
-  We offer a greater variety of fashions than anyone else.
-  We deal directly with suppliers to negotiate the best prices.
-  We offer our merchandise only online to avoid the inefficiencies and limitations of a physical shop.
-  We constantly evaluate our sales to better understand what our customers want.
-  We constantly evaluate our processes to determine what works.
-  We constantly look for ways to offer even better values.
-  We constantly look for the best technological solutions to streamline our processes.
-  We are open for intelligent trials in the quest to better our service, but we never put our core structures at risk.
We are devoted to satisfying our customers’ needs. 

Priyanka’s began in 1998 with Priyanka, an individual who dreamt of making beautiful, high-quality clothing. But Priyanka’s has grown to be much more. Now, we have in-house facilities not only for custom tailoring, handwork, and design, but also web publishing, programming, order processing, and photography. We are especially proud of our staff of more than ten full-time professional designers. 

Priyanka launched her business without much fanfare, but Priyanka’s is recognized all over the world for quality and style in Indian clothing. You will find that our selection is twenty, fifty, or even a hundred times larger than the selections available elsewhere. We add more every day. And we don’t add just anything—all of our fashions are meticulously designed and expertly made. In fact, we have a growing base of customers in the cities of India, who could browse through hundreds of shops and thousands of Indian styles in person if they wished. But more and more of them choose to shop online with us, instead. 

And, of course, those abroad who are looking for the best in Indian fashion have learned that Priyanka’s is by far the best among a growing list of online choices. You don’t have to take our word for it. We have a long list of customer testimonials that we invite you to browse.

Would you like to comment? Please send your comments, requirements, questions or feedback to
Questions and comments about this website may be sent to
If you have the slightest complaint about or problem with our service, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at

Our postal address:
Priyanka's Designs Pvt. Ltd.
Paper Box House,
Mahakali Caves Road,
Andheri - East, Mumbai - 400 093. INDIA.

To speak to one of our Customer Support Representatives, please dial +91-22-26352412 or 91-22-26393678. 
Or you can fax us, 9.30 AM to 6.30 P.M. (IST), at +91-22-26352413
(Not sure what time it is in India? Find out at
Whatever the nature of your communication, we assure you of a positive and personalized response. We look forward to serving you!

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